Arke Sinth LP
Die Schachtel 32 / ITA / 2016
These recordings document the brief and intense life of a group formed at the beginning of the 1970s within the fertile and stimulating cultural environment of the town of Padua (Italy). Arke Sinth was a group of four young musicians and artists (Michele Sambin, Marco Sambin, Giovanni De Poli and Alvise Vidolin), who decided to perform their own music, an experimental venture into collective composition and unusual timbral associations, with possibly no references whatsoever to previously existing music. The rigorous music of Arke Sinth gave a sonic body to meticulously planned graphic scores and at times was associated with visuals created by one of the members of the group, Michele Sambin. Arke Sinth also tried to closely link collective composition and performance, making also use of improvisational elements but refusing the premises of the American live electronics experiences, for which composition was simply the “trigger” of an almost immutably informal and/or automatic process, or alternatively it was “dissolved” into freeimprovisation.