Being There LP
Yellow Swans Archive 02 / UK / 2020
First ever vinyl edition 'Being There', one of the final Yellow Swans recordings, widely regarded among their most powerful works. It's a lushly eviscerating, white-hot, elemental noise and dronescape session primed for endtimes. ‘Being There’ places listeners at the dilated eye of Pete Swanson & Gabriel Mindel Saloman’s Yellow Swans storm. Like a sonic rendering of the hour after death, the duo appear to expend all their final energies in an almighty black hole collapse of noise and metal viciousness, post-rock yearn, and meditative maximalism that must be experienced in the flesh for optimal effect. From the yawning cosmic jaws of ‘Foil’ with its howling guitars and vocals descending into stygian slow techno, to the gutted shoegaze glumness of ‘Comedy Hypnosis’, to the album’s beautifully worn-out highlight ‘Public Space’, and their summoning of knives-out noise blizzard with ‘Inhabitants’, you’re in the presence of truly mighty, life-affirming material that should rank among your finest American noise sides of the 21st Century.