Concentration Patterns 2LP
Hidden Harmony Recordings 01 / ? / 2020
C.R. Gillespie is a Canadian musician and sound artist. Born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, coastal living on Vancouver Island influenced his textural overlapping of “waves”; focused layering of soothing tones that tremulate and merge in a vast and expansive synthetic ocean. This aesthetic is at the forefront of his new release, Concentration Patterns, a sprawling 75-minute ambient suite which envelops the listener in a vibrating collage of drifting texture and glacial subtlety. Combining elements of binaural beats and vibroacoustic therapy , Concentration Patterns is a modern embrace of “new age” pseudo-theory in an effort to temper incessant daily fatigue.Inspired by the technological deep-listening pioneered by artists such as Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel and Steve Roach, Concentration Patterns debuted in January 2020 as a sound installation as part of the Calgary Arts Common’s +15 Soundscape project. Situated in the city’s+15 walkway system, It’s locality as part of a metropolitan commute further illustrates its purpose as an accompaniment to both the mundane and surreal.