The Encyclopedia of Civilizations vol. 3: India LP
Abstrakce 12 / SPA / 2020
Third volume of "The Encyclopedia of Civilizations", a collection of split LP's where selected artists offer their own insight into fascinating ancient cultures. This time we bring you a cosmic and spiritual ambient journey inspired by one of the greatest ancient civilizations: India. “Veda” was composed & performed live on October 13, 2018 by Jonathan Fitoussi at Gesu Church, Toulouse, France using the 1864 church pipe organ and an EMS SYNTHI synthesizer. The track was inspired by readings about the ancient sacred Hindu texts known as the Vedas. A sustained, warm and deep float supported by the centennial pipe organ and the the church’s natural reverb. “Yin Yang” was conceived by Ariel Kalma in 1975 while taking music lessons in India. It brings into a lovely meditative state with those long, long ‘pranayama’ breathing notes. “Flute Meditation” is actually two Kalma pieces blended together. The first part was recorded in 2017 and played on a floating xaphoon mini sax. The second part is from 1979, recorded with an Indian bamboo flute, saz, electric piano. It was originally much longer, adapted here for one side of the LP.