Erg Herbe LP
Shelter Press 105 / FR / 2019
JAB says the record was gestated for nearly a decade while he worked out how to fully express his own sound and ideas. He notes that “My personality is all over this music”, elaborating that “the goal is to create nice, strange, and thoughtful music that reflects a genuine inner vision of self. I’ve been recording solo music for a long time without releasing any of it because I’m not able to let anything out that doesn’t satisfy this criteria.” “Erg Herbe” in an invented turn of phrase – erg being the term for a sea of desert sand dunes, and herbe being French for grass – summoning the dreamlike image of a green, rolling dunescape. A fitting title for an album that combines worlds: minimal and lush, serious and playful, real and imagined. “Distant Patterns” – the longest track on the album at over twelve minutes – juxtaposes dry, pulsating oscillators with pillowy, occasionally dissonant pads, while a raga-like alto flute melody glides and dances over top, like a bird soaring across a landscape.