Forgotten Hill LP
Room 40 111 / AUS / 2019
I headed next to Asuka-Temple where there is a large Buddha said to be the oldest in Japan, it’s just down the hill. The Great Buddha is circled by rice fields. The former palace, now in ruins is also in the middle of a rice field. I rode my bicycle in through what felt like endless rice fields. It was coming toward night and dusk was becoming heavy. Looking around me, I wondered if this was once a city; if it was, those memories are now buried by the land, by rice fields and mountains, and prefectural roads with sparse traffic lights dotting them. On the west side of the Great Buddha, there is a hill that is quiet, and known as the Amakashi Hill. It is a hill where there was a residence of Mr. Soga who once flourished in this era. It is quite difficult to imagine the prosperity of the former capital looking at a field of nothing. If I close my eyes, I almost feel like I can go back to the past. With this record, I aimed to create music, like a labyrinth, based on these days spent in the Asuka region. This is a record about time, about losing direction in time and wondering where it is exactly the past, the present and the future might meet, and under what circumstances this might happen.