Ghosts Inside LP
Helen Scarsdale 42 / USA / 2017
Ghosts Inside stands as her most arresting recordings to date, written during a period of personal despair with an oblique poetry of sadness cascading through the songs. Her father battling cancer. The end of a romance. It's an introspective sound, completely turned in on itself and tuning out the socio-political tumult of her native home in Istanbul. In confronting psychic distress, heartache and depression, Ekin Fil blocks out the rest of the world to concentrate on the immediate issues of human relationships and their many complications. Allusions to catharsis flicker through the sullen, narcotized beauty of Ghosts Inside, updating the mood found on those classic 4AD albums of the '80s (i.e. Garlands, It'll End In Tears, Lonely Is An Eyesore, etc.) orbiting the spheres of Grouper, lovesliescrushing and Stars Of The Lid.