Holy Origin LP
Dust Editions 06 / USA / 2020
Vestals is the avatar of Los Angeles based artist Lisa McGee, who’s debut album Forever Falling Toward the Sky was released by Root Strata in 2012. She has also discreetly operated in U.S. underground music for the last decade as a member of the dream-drone duo Higuma with Evan Caminiti, while making vocal contributions to acclaimed albums by Jefre Cantu Ledesma and Sarah Davachi. Sinuous vocals and desolate guitars are rendered in crisp 3D, swallowed by viscera rattling bass and sizzling clouds of synthesizers. Hypnotic melodies and shimmering harmonies nestle within disorienting digital manipulations, conjuring a boundless, smoky twilight. Passages hover and undulate, sustained in trance states before crashing down into lush chorales that comfortably dwell in the space between euphoria and heartache. Fusing memoir with contemplative inquiry, McGee traces the blurred boundaries between the self, the other and the world, capturing various states of desire-ambivalence and surrender. Each track is a meditation on the tension between opposing forces: the ideal and the real, the essential and the cultivated, the erotic and the ascetic.