Boomkat Editions 30 / UK / 2021
Japanese pipe-organ builder and sound artist Yosuke Fujita provided us with one of the prettiest, weirdest records that passed over our desk last year, essentially a custom-built organ duet with a bat colony, recorded in a cave beneath Mt. Fuji. Inspired by the fact that bats were the source of many recent viruses - like Ebola, Nipah and Hendra - Fujita grabbed a Sunken CO-100K microphone that was capable of picking up their ultrasonic echolocation. These sounds, captured in a cave beneath Mt. Fuji, are totally alien, like chattering sine waves or wobbling modular business. It's the perfect foil for Fujita's well-worn courtly organ variations that mirror traditional Japanese 7th century gagaku forms. The rhythmic click of the air pump guides Fujita's bellowing drones, drowning out the cave's uneven spaces. Sometimes the bat sounds are reduced to a whisper, at others - such as on the crushing third part - they're almost deafening. Fujita processes these sounds expertly, occasionally mirroring their fluttering tonalities, at others simply allowing the unusual frequencies to cascade through the empty caverns.