Melatonia 2LP
Past Inside The Present 32 / USA / 2020
'Melatonia' is the seventh album from drone duo Pausal. Was recorded during a period of significant change and upheaval for both members of the band, now based between the UK and Germany. As with much of their music, the material here was initially conceived through lengthy improvisation sessions using various processed sound sources and instruments. These often ran late into the night and their intention was to create soundscapes conducive towards relaxation and to assist with rest and sleep. The resultant six expansive pieces have been sequenced into an uninterrupted hour long album designed for prolonged and deep listening. Available in digital, cassette, black vinyl and limited colored vinyl editions. Both vinyl versions are packaged with an Obi strip and contain an additional exclusive bonus track, 'Mantra' that occupies the entirety of Side D.