Memories Live Longer Than Dreams 2LP
HAFTW 07 / UK / 2017
The third and final part of Leyland Kirby’s hauntological masterpiece Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was. The synthetic lustre of Memories Live Longer Than Dreams already appeared deliciously cracked and damaged the first time around, and in 2017 its phosphorescent glow remains a beacon of shelter for contemplation and secluded mind-drift, offering a surreal, nostalgic night-light to the gloomy and confused world it diagnosed and predicted nearly ten years ago. Keening and reeling away his own thoughts on the matter in that interzone of negative space, Kirby draws on ever tightening coils of cultural feedback loops and the infidelity of memory to parse, process and secrete a slow, plasmic ooze of melancholic musical form that perhaps best represents the feelings of our age; of our shared future occluded by an inglorious or illusive past that promised much, yet never paid up.