Quiet Ends LP
La Scie Dorée 21 / BEL / 2019
Lumine is the trio of Graham Stewart, John Whyte and Timo Van Luijk, all of whom draw on long and distinguished careers in experimental sound - Stewart and Whyte collaborating since the mid 80’s, within the Canadian outfit Violence And The Sacred, and Van Luijk releasing as Af Ursin. Following All the Unnamed, also released on La Scie Dorèe in 2017, Quiet Ends draws an isolationist scenery with subtly merging halftones of twilight. The penumbra diffuses mysterious textures and a melancholic hypnotic atmosphere conductive to introspection. In the gathering darkness all troubling details of reality melt into large evocative masses and abstract surfaces. Played, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk and Graham Stewart at Kulta Saha, 2017-2018. Sleeve drawing, design and text by John Whyte.