A Ravishment of Mirror 2LP (White vinyl)
Thoughtforms 01 / UK / 2017
'A Ravishment of Mirror' is an ambient dream dialled in from Richard Chartier's Pinkourtesyphone; Heard as comment on the superficial surreality and narcotic, hallucinatory atmosphere of his LA environs, the project poses an inquisitive balance of ambience and an underlying, seductively void-like darkness. This third full album explores Hollywood dreams and deception… meant to be slowly sipped. We all pretend but in Hollywood pretending is its dark sustenance… a plastic organic unity ready to enfold and repackage you. It's slow-sipping music for art-deco mansions in the hills and smoky bedrooms alike. The album seamlessly introduces three pieces of sanguine narcotic drift, 'Why Pretend / The Desire of Absence / Faulty Connections' before opening up the suggestive negative spaces of 'Pixels… Sometimes… Broke Your Heart (for A.)' where elusive chamber harmonics tease from behind ambient tones reminding of AFX's SAW II set, and 'Falling Stars (for P. Entwistle)' is a more concise slice of crepuscular atmosphere.