Rayon Hula LP (Red vinyl)
Room 40 96 / AUS / 2019
After several trips, beginning in 1994, to the Pacific and its Island Nations, Australia and subsequently to South East Asia, I conceived the idea of making an updated more ‘now’ version of some of the Exotica music that originated in 1950’s America. Arthur Lyman and Martin Denny were the two I mostly had in mind at the time, but I didn't want it to sound like them and the two words ‘Ambient’ and ‘Electronic’ had to figure large. I was deeply influenced by the ambience of the places I was visiting (Australian birds are scarily creative) and lo-fi electronics were something I had been working with in my free improvisation gigs since the 80’s. Lawrence English at Room40 encouraged me to continue the series and combining another of my artistic roads, live soundtracks for silent films, we released White Shadows In The South Seas in 2013 followed by Fratello Mare in 2015 and Raft in 2017. 15 years have passed and the tide has risen and retracted in the islands, sometimes extremely violently in places, but we offer a re-mastered, re-edited 2019 version of Rayon Hula.