Science & Technology LP
Dead Cert 11 / UK / 2017
Best regarded for his groundbreaking electro-acoustic and concre`te sound design input to The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue and Zoo Folle, Raskovich is also linked to a wealth of impossible-to-find cult LPs with Alessandro Alessandroni’s Braen, Giulia Alessandrini’s Kema, and their mysterious supergroup The Pawnshop, all amounting to a catalogue which assures his place in the pantheon of library music greats. Going deep into their under-the-counter channels, Dead-Cert have again outdone themselves with this outing, salvaging Science & Technology from total obscurity to reveal an innovator working at the full extent of his avant imagination in a sort of cybernetic symbiosis with his studio-as- instrument. Keening between sounds as much suited to a blood-lusting horror as a psychedelic, drug-fuelled thriller or some esoteric sci-fi, he penetrates and opens up vividly magnetising realms of abstraction that just beg to be explored by listeners who think they’ve heard it all before.