Spare Rooms LP
ADN Records 03 / ITA / 2018
In late 2017, came Spare Rooms, an incredible LP with clear conceptual links to the project’s debut - their first effort to emerge in 29 years. Issued by Artisti Del 900, the relaunch of legendary Italian imprint ADN, the album is nothing short of a long awaited, revelatory marvel. Like Vol. 1 - Room 1-6, Spare Rooms is an effort in sculptural ambient space, this time within four “rooms’ - a long single-sided work and three shorter, rather than 6. Unlike its predecessor, the recording of which was limited to a single Yamaha DX7 synth and two track tape machine, this installment features a vastly expanded sonic pallet, with the ambiguous identity that is Ambienti Coassiali (Silvio Linardi) on Acoustic Guitar, Bowed Harp Guitar, Electronics, Voice, and Effects, and Riccardo Sinigaglia working on a diverse number of Synths, Farfisa, and effects, while managing to sacrifice none of the project’s signature minimalistic depth. Rich timbers and sonorities rattle against each other as they rise toward the solid form of ambience, complex structures drift in and out of focus, sometime harsh, bristling drones send the ear askew, in what as to a totality of marvelous, architectural sound.